Donald Trump Doubles Down On Plan To Shut Down The Internet

Donald Trump Doubles Down on His Plan to Shut Down the Internet

Over in the US, the latest republican presidential debate in Vegas quickly devolved into an argument over whether the next president should close down parts of the internet. Burnt-sienna insult balloon Donald Trump insisted again that, yep, why not, he'd close down parts of the internet. “I sure as hell don’t want to let people that want to kill us and kill our nation use our Internet, yes sir I am,” Trump told Wolf Blitzer after the moderator asked if he stood by his statements.

After Rand Paul pointed out that closing the internet would require ignoring the First Amendment, Trump backpedaled slightly. “I’m not talking about closing the internet,” he said. Then he clarified that he does want to close down the internet, but only certain parts in Syria and other countries, not the US.

Additional deeply stupid moment: John Kasich insisted that the San Bernardino shooters had used encrypted messaging to evade law enforcement, a statement with no anchor in reality.

Image: AP

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