Are Full Stops At The End Of Texts Rude?

You're texting your friend or SO, maybe you've sent a short paragraph about how your day was with a polite question at the end, and BAM. The response is "Yes." Maybe your partner is just a fan of proper punctuation, but according to a new study, in this day and age that's a faux pas.

It just feel like they're being a little short with you, y'know? Such as when you receive something like "We'll talk later." I'd be racking my mind trying to remember what I did that might have pissed them off so much.

Like many studies you hear about in the news these days, this one was conducted with over just a hundred university students. But at least you know everyone is well familiar with texting. When they were asked to analyse different text conversations, they found that full stops in a texting situation makes the user seem less sincere. Interestingly, the effect wasn't present in handwritten notes.

How about you? Is this a social foul in your books, or do we need to reign back the rapid texting culture to preserve language a bit better?


Image via Shutterstock

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