24 Of The Most Delicious Food GIFs Of 2015

24 Of The Most Delicious Food GIFs Of 2015

Our eyes got fat in 2015. With all kinds of yummy GIFs and daring food porn and meals that looked so good we considered eating our laptops and monitors in hopes of tasting the visual deliciousness, it was a hunger inducing year for eyeballs. Here are some of the best food GIFs we made in 2015.

That egg up top? Yeah that oozing yolk gorgeousness is easily our favourite food GIF this year. So we’ll start the list at 2. Oh and if you want to learn more about where the GIF came from, just click the link in the subheadings.

2. Slicing steaks against the grain

It’s important to slice steaks against the grain if you care about eating things that are tender and delicious. Which way is against the grain? Find out.

3. The best way to eat cheese is called a Raclette

Easily, easily, easily! the best thing the Swiss have ever done/made/been a part of (who needs watches and like, army knives, and staying neutral?).

4. Induction cooking is magic

Magnets and eggs are a truly wonderful combination. Especially when you see the sorcery of induction cooking up close.

5. Costco’s pizza sauce machine is an incredible feat of engineering

My brain knows it shouldn’t want to eat this but it also knows that it has no chance of stopping me. Costco sells many things, this pizza is one of the most important.

6. Separating egg yolks from egg whites

I need this in my house so I can set up a Pee-wee Herman type rig that can make breakfast for me just how I like it.

7. Blooming chocolate dessert

It’s inviting you to eat it. How so very thoughtful.

8. The magnificence of Peking duck

Eat this in your life. You won’t regret it. It’s one of life’s true pleasures.

9. Chipotle guacamole is free to look at

We found out the recipe behind Chipotle’s guacamole. And this GIF showed us how to put it all together.

10. Sushi porn is the best food porn

Maybe the best porn? Just look at that glorious raw flesh of the fish. It’s perfect and so delicious looking it’s almost sinful.

11. A skinless whole watermelon makes me laugh

Doesn’t it just looks oh, so silly? Like a gigantic boiled lolly.

12. Desserts are sensual

It oozes and whips and moves in all the right ways.

13. A 2000 year old bread recipe

Bread is always good. A 2000 year old bread recipe proves that this has always been the case.

14. Potatoes changed the world

And adding butter and cheese to potatoes, changed potatoes.

15. Burgers. Oh, burgers. Give me all the burgers.

You don’t really need tomato sauce on burgers but I’ll excuse the red splooge for this decadent GIF.

16. How to cook blood

Some people think blood is gross. They are wrong because it is bloody brilliant. And tasty!

17. Good morning, espresso

It combines so dreamily together. No one has ever waken up so nicely.

18. A sweet tasting mushroom

A diamond of the kitchen that tastes sweet like honey. What? Exactly.

19. Meat plate

It’s a perfect plate of barbecue. Brisket, ribs, sausage, smoked turkey, slaw, pickles, have mercy.

20. Playing the instrument of pasta

It makes the most beautiful music.

21. I will never not crave chocolate

Visually unfair, really.

22. Sriracha, sriracha, sriracha

Inside the factory that makes the world’s best hot sauce.

23. What is this? I still don’t know

I’d eat the heck out of it though. And you should too, even if it looks like a web of grossness.

24. Proof that eating cake is good for you

Gold is good for you, right?