This Simple Metal Tube Is Packed Full Of Emergency Supplies

This Simple Metal Tube Is Packed Full Of Emergency Supplies

After the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan a few years ago, the nation has a renewed focus on ensuring its residents are prepared for emergencies. And design studio Nendo’s contribution is this non-descript metal tube pre-packed with vital supplies.

The MINIM+AID is designed to be sleek and compact for multiple reasons. At just shy of two-inches wide it can be kept in an umbrella stand near the front door so it’s easily accessible in the event of an emergency. It’s just as easy to carry, with an included shoulder strap, and is completely waterproof so that it floats in the event of dangerous flooding.

The MINIM+AID tube is divided into five different sections that disconnect from each other when the included supplies are needed. The tube’s design helps keep everything organised, and everything in one place.

A hand-cranked emergency radio allows residents to monitor emergency broadcasts without having to worry about finding power or batteries. But it also doubles as power source for USB devices that need charging, like a smartphone…

…or the included pop-up LED lantern.

Another section of the MINIM+AID doubles as a bottle that includes a sealed pouch of drinking water if fresh H2O is in short supply.

There’s also a lightweight and waterproof rain poncho to help keep evacuees dry and warm in the event of an evacuation during a storm or inclement weather.

Finally, there’s a first-aid kit that includes bandages, scissors, medicines, and other basic supplies to help treat minor injuries. But if specific medicines or supplies are required — like insulin or maybe even an EpiPen — the MINIM+AID’s contents can be customised as needed. What’s important is that it’s always within easy reach, and always in sight, so that residents are constantly reminded to ensure it’s properly stocked for future emergencies.

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