The Raccoons Of Instagram -- You're Welcome 

The Raccoons of Instagram — You're Welcome

Raccoons are the only good thing on Instagram. Feelin' blue? Please direct yourself to the Instagram search bar and type in #RaccoonsofInstagram OR #MyPetRaccoon. Then sit back. You did it.

Yes, you heard me. Raccoons. On Instagram. Good.

Cuddle time!! #scooterthecoon #coon #raccoon #cute #naptime

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Next im gonna slide a mug of frosty beer .. #babyanimals #raccoon #hannah #hannahtheraccoon

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Does this raise questions about the ethics of domesticating wild animals? Sure! Oh boy, yeah. Big time.

Is it adorable? You bet, my friend.

I get it. You might not be a "raccoon person." But why is that? Is it because of their indiscriminate palate for garbage? That's stupid. They're doing the world a favour! Raccoons are eco-friendly waste disposals. The only reason they make a mess is because humans try to hide the food we don't want from them, even though we have no more use for it and raccoons do. That's a dick move. Raccoons aren't rude. We're rude.

Are raccoons not "classy" enough? Well, here's a little history lesson: There was a pet raccoon in the WHITE HOUSE. First Lady Grace Coolidge kept one and its name was Rebecca (classy name). Have you ever even been to the White House?

Maybe you hate wild small mammals. You could be the type to say "squirrels are just rats with tails." If we're playing that game, cats are just useless leopards, and dogs are just coyotes with bad leadership skills. Doesn't mean they aren't cute.

Or maybe those tiny raccoon fingers freak you out. I can't help you there. They are perfect.

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