Spaceship Building Blocks For Budding Rocket Scientists

Spaceship Building Blocks For Budding Rocket Scientists

NASA might not have quite as large a budget as it once did for exploring the cosmos, but starting at just $US25 your kids can design and build their own spacefaring fleet with these gorgeous wooden building blocks from Huzi Design.

Made from solid Beech wood with varying finishes including clear varnish and glossy white or matte black paints, the Cosmos building blocks are held together with neodymium magnets so they’re easy for kids to assemble and dismantle as they perfect and improve their designs.

With a healthy imagination kids can really build anything they want, but the pieces are tailored towards constructing spacecraft like rockets, shuttles, satellites, and even planets and other celestial bodies.

Huzi Design is using Kickstarter as a way to sell pre-orders for its new Cosmos blocks, shipping sometime in June of next year, and a donation of $US25 gets you the most basic four-piece set that lets your kid build a simple Saturn-like planet.

But if you want to go all President Kennedy and fully-fund your child’s imaginary space agency, the $US150 Odyssey set is definitely the way to go. It comes with 28 building blocks, 58 magnetic connectors, and enough raw potential to kickstart an eventual career in rocket science. [Kickstarter – Cosmos]