Somebody Found Wally And Put Him On Instagram

Somebody Found Wally And Put Him On Instagram

Remember Where’s Wally books? Since the 1980s, kids have spent countless hours scouring their pages for the lonely man in the red and white shirt. But in the internet age, nobody can remain lost for long. In hindsight, it was only a matter of time before someone found the elusive mime and stuck him on Instagram.

London-based artist “Wally” had a simple goal in mind when he started the account @WallyFound: Honing his photography skills, and using his work to connect with others. “Many of my good friends today, I met on Instagram,” Wally told Mashable. “I’m also always open to make connections and collaborations. Which means anybody out there who wants the same, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.”

So far, the quirky project — which depicts the beloved, fictional Wally in a variety of striking poses and colourful scenes — appears to have been a success, garnering the artist over 10,000 followers in the past three months.

It’s nice to know that with social media, even Wally can find his people.