Samsung's New BRITECELL Camera Sensor Promises Amazing Low-Light Performance 

Samsung's New BRITECELL Camera Sensor Promises Amazing Low-Light Performance

Samsung has revealed details of a new camera sensor technology that it refers to as BRITECELL. The sensor promises better low-light performance, while also providing much slimmer sensors.

Sam Mobile reports that the new sensors use smaller 1-micron pixels that manage to persevere the same light sensitivity as pixels that measure 1.12 microns. The resulting sensor is said to be 17 per cent slimmer, measuring just 5mm thick in its entirety, down from somewhere around 6mm. That should in turn make it easier to squeeze into ever-thinner phones.

The company also claims that the device provides 'enhanced light sensitivity in low light conditions with less colour artefact,' though it doesn't explain exactly how. It has revealed, though, that it can use multi-exposure to provide more detailed images, and systems that will provide more accurate auto focus.

It remains to be seen what device the sensor may end up in, but Sam Mobile speculates that it could appear in the forthcoming Galaxy S7.

[Sam Mobile]

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