Plastic Cthulhu Goes On A Rampage In Warpo’s Final Retro Legends Of Cthulhu Advert

Plastic Cthulhu Goes On A Rampage In Warpo’s Final Retro Legends Of Cthulhu Advert

Over the past few months, Warpo has been teasing their Legends of Cthulhu toys in some pretty rad retro-style adverts. But they have saved the best for last, as the monstrous 30cm Cthulhu himself goes to town on a bunch of poor Deep One figures.

Just as the retro movement has swept across collectible action figures recently, Warpo have pretty much nailed the sort of old-school toy adverts of the ’80s and ’90s with these clips, right down to the eagerly excited kids smashing away at their toys, and even the slightly-hokey narrator extolling the brilliance of whatever new shiny object they happen to be selling.

In this case, it’s Warpo’s fantastic 30cm Cthulhu figure, which is finally available for sale after months of teasing. The figure itself has 7 points of articulation, and even has soft, pliable hands so Cthulhu can wrap his mitts around whatever hapless action figure you have to spare as he dominates your toy shelf. You know, as Cthulhu is wont to do.

It’s awesome to see the Legends of Cthulhu get round to its titular big bad, but hopefully we’ll get to see even more Eldritch horrors in the line now that Cthulhu is out of the way. We could all do with a few Old Ones in our collection, especially if they match up to the scope of this Cthulhu.

Warpo’s 30cm deluxe Cthulhu is available as of today, and will set you back $US80 excluding shipping (violent offerings to the dark beyond are, unfortunately, not a valid term of discount. Sorry, cultists!). If you missed the previous adverts, you can watch the whole series linked together in the video below.