Neat Coffee Maker Or Steel Death Spider? You Decide

Neat Coffee Maker Or Steel Death Spider? You Decide

I’m all for new and interesting ways of brewing a brew, but the IIKONE might be taking things a step too far. For one, it looks like a giant metal spider and I’m not sure how my brain would process such a vision in a sleep-addled state. Probably not well.

Putting aside its resemblance to a self-replicating doomsday weapon straight out of a Philip K. Dick short, the creators of the IIKONE boast that the stainless steel behemoth can make a mean cup of coffee. From the product page:

[The design] allows a brewing process undisturbed by uneven surface tension where the filter touches its support, and makes a proper use of the entire filtering surface. The ultimate result is a more complex, even less bitter brew than is the one produced by classic manual pourover brewers, and fewer nonsoluble particles in the cup.

If you’re looking for space in the kitchen, it measures 38.6cm in width and height, and 28.2cm deep. It also comes in a pretty wooden box:

Now, the price. As you’ve no doubt surmised, the IIKONE costs a fair penny — $US699 to be exact. That’s almost a grand in Australian dollars, though it’s not much of a problem as the thing isn’t even available yet.

[IIKONE, via Uncrate]