How The Hell Did This Happen, Australia?

How The Hell Did This Happen, Australia?

It’s been a rough year for snakes eating things. Sure, any halfwit could’ve told that python eating a porcupine was a bad call, but apparently, snacking on your own kind is, too. What’s next, we’re not allowed to eat bacon anymore?!

It’s not clear what exactly happened between these two snakes, which were photographed by Geoff Mitchell several weeks back in Griffith, New South Wales. Another local shared the photo with the Australian Zoo on Facebook, hoping a group of trained zoologists be able might shed some light on the matter. Nah.

“This is certainly unusual,” the zoo responded. “We can’t imagine a black snake climbing into another snake but this entire situation is very strange. We would still suggest that the brown one was eating the black but we will never know for sure.”

How The Hell Did This Happen, Australia?

The situation has polarised the internet, with some insisting that brown snake ate black snake first, others asserting brown snake was dead long before black snake decided to crawl in its mouth and poke around. In either case, there are no real winners to be found in this situation, seeing as how neither snake lived to tell the tale. Perhaps they were both run over by a tractor, or maybe a hawk came along and busted the party up. Maybe the whole thing was a setup perpetrated by some twisted snake-hater.

In any case, the message to all living snakes is clear: think carefully before you put that in your mouth.


Top image: Geoff Mitchell via Facebook