Goodbye, Gizmodo.

Goodbye, Gizmodo.

After three and a half years, 4735 articles, millions of words and entirely too much nonsense, I’m leaving Gizmodo Australia.

That’s right, readers. I’m off. I’m going from one dream job here at the helm of Gizmodo Australia to another over at Twitter, where I’ll be the Editorial Lead for Moments in Australia.

We’ve done some awesome stuff together since I joined. Gizmodo has grown exponentially over the last four years, in readership and in the size of the team. I’ve had an absolute blast. I’ve ridden water jetpacks with our Gizmodo Adventure Rides series, driven cars that have scared the living shit out of me, reviewed legendary gadgets and interviewed some awesome people.

There’s a fun theory that Alex Kidman kicked off that the Gizmodo editor is like a Time Lord. We’re all the same people (as it takes a pretty special person to do this job), and we simply regenerate when our time runs out. As a result, the Gizmodo editor will now regenerate in the form of Campbell Simpson. Rae Johnston will also be coming on board to cover all the news in the way that only Gizmodo Australia can.

I have a lot of people to thank for the time I’ve had here. Thanks to Danny Allen — Gizmodo’s publisher — for thrusting a frightened business tech journo into somewhere he’d always wanted to be. Thanks to Campbell Simpson for helping me keep my sanity and doing this site proud. Thanks to Mark Serrels for making me a slightly better writer.

Thanks to everyone I’ve met while I’ve been here at Allure Media, past and present: Angus Kidman, Mia Steiber, Elly Hart and Chris Jager. I wouldn’t be where I am now without any of you. And to the great people who have just joined our epic tech team — Spandas Lui, Amanda Yeo, Hayley Williams and Alex Walker — you’re all great humans and you’ll have such a great time here.

See you on the internet.