Comcast Blames Customers After Apparent Hack

Comcast Blames Customers After Apparent Hack

Comcast, American multinational company and owner of NBC, is one of the most hated companies in America. What’s worse is that it can’t stop doing infuriating things. This week in Reasons Comcast Sucks, an apparent hack led about 200,000 customers accounts showing up for sale online.

Comcast says it was not hacked. Rather, the company is “blaming the incident instead on unsuspecting customers who may have visited malware-laden sites or fallen victim to attacks through their email that allowed hackers to obtain their data,” according to The Washington Post. In other words, it’s not Comcast’s fault that hundreds of thousands of its customers ended up with their Comcast credentials on the internet. It’s the customers’ fault for being bad computer users.

Who knows what really happened. The batch of 200,000 accounts were part of a larger dump of about 590,000 accounts that was being sold for roughly $US1,000. Most of those were outdated, but 200,000 of them are valid, valid enough that Comcast reset all of those customers’ passwords today. It doesn’t look like anybody’s life has been ruined as a result of the leak, however it happened.

But still, like, what the hell Comcast? If something like this happens again, just say sorry. You don’t even have to explain all of the details, but just so you know, it’s really condescending to blame your customers over a massive fuck up like this. Not that we’d expect any thing more from America’s most hated company.

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