Cheap PC Parts Giant Newegg Is Now Shipping To Australia

Cheap PC Parts Giant Newegg Is Now Shipping To Australia

In Australia, we’ve never enjoyed the luxury of one big central online store to buy PC parts like monitors, RAM, CPUs and motherboards. In the past if you wanted to build a system, you’d have to do a lot of shopping around, looking for the best prices on StaticIce and PCPartPicker. Until today.

US online tech retailer Newegg — it’s like Amazon for computer parts, with competitive prices and a massive range in stock — is now shipping from Australian distributors to Australian addresses, and its prices even look pretty damn competitive.

Online shopping destinations and shopping aggregators like eBay, The Iconic, Shopstyle, and Kogan have taken advantage of Australia’s nascent love for picking up second hand goods, clothing and cheap consumer electronics respectively, and Newegg wants to do exactly that again for PC components. Newegg is massive in the US where its Californian base of operations is located, and provides service and prices that are generally regarded as equal to or better than “everything store” Amazon with a wider range of brands for specific products.

Newegg has been shipping items from its international warehouses to Australian customers since September last year, but its appeal was dampened by the comparatively high cost of international shipping and any import duties for items over $1000. But now, it’ll ship from Australian distributors. “We began selling to customers in Australia last year and were impressed by the steady growth as Australian customers became more familiar with Newegg.” said James Wu, Newegg’s chief of operations.

Deals with Australian PC component importers and distributors means that Newegg is able to offer competitive prices; its $449 deal on the MSI Radeon R9 390 graphics card is around $50 cheaper than the average Australian price (using data gathered from PCPartPicker and StaticIce), while its $59 G-Skill Ripjaws-X DDR3 RAM is $12 less expensive than the $71 next cheapest online option, and $477 for a last-generation Intel Core i7-4790K is $32 cheaper than PCCaseGear’s $509. Newegg is also running an introductory promotion with better deals around PAX 2015.

Newegg’s entry into the Australian market is a great thing if you’re planning to build a new PC any time soon. It’s a great source to be able to buy every part you need at once, and its mere presence in Australia should be enough to drive prices down at competitors. As well as its usual range of PC parts, Newegg also sporting and automotive gear, other electronics and mobile phone accessories. Here’s to cheap gadgets and PC components! [Newegg]