Cheap PC Parts Giant Newegg Is Now Shipping To Australia

In Australia, we've never enjoyed the luxury of one big central online store to buy PC parts like monitors, RAM, CPUs and motherboards. In the past if you wanted to build a system, you'd have to do a lot of shopping around, looking for the best prices on StaticIce and PCPartPicker. Until today.

US online tech retailer Newegg — it's like Amazon for computer parts, with competitive prices and a massive range in stock — is now shipping from Australian distributors to Australian addresses, and its prices even look pretty damn competitive.

Online shopping destinations and shopping aggregators like eBay, The Iconic, Shopstyle, and Kogan have taken advantage of Australia's nascent love for picking up second hand goods, clothing and cheap consumer electronics respectively, and Newegg wants to do exactly that again for PC components. Newegg is massive in the US where its Californian base of operations is located, and provides service and prices that are generally regarded as equal to or better than "everything store" Amazon with a wider range of brands for specific products.

Newegg has been shipping items from its international warehouses to Australian customers since September last year, but its appeal was dampened by the comparatively high cost of international shipping and any import duties for items over $1000. But now, it'll ship from Australian distributors. "We began selling to customers in Australia last year and were impressed by the steady growth as Australian customers became more familiar with Newegg." said James Wu, Newegg's chief of operations.

Deals with Australian PC component importers and distributors means that Newegg is able to offer competitive prices; its $449 deal on the MSI Radeon R9 390 graphics card is around $50 cheaper than the average Australian price (using data gathered from PCPartPicker and StaticIce), while its $59 G-Skill Ripjaws-X DDR3 RAM is $12 less expensive than the $71 next cheapest online option, and $477 for a last-generation Intel Core i7-4790K is $32 cheaper than PCCaseGear's $509. Newegg is also running an introductory promotion with better deals around PAX 2015.

Newegg's entry into the Australian market is a great thing if you're planning to build a new PC any time soon. It's a great source to be able to buy every part you need at once, and its mere presence in Australia should be enough to drive prices down at competitors. As well as its usual range of PC parts, Newegg also sporting and automotive gear, other electronics and mobile phone accessories. Here's to cheap gadgets and PC components! [Newegg]



    They are not shipping from AU yet.,...

    What about comparing the price to ?

    MSY still cheaper

      no they are not.

        yes they are, once you factor in shipping. probably not on everything. but i just checked out a 256 gig samsung ssd. msy was cheaper by $20.
        if you pay for it in US dollars they give it to you for about $10 less after conversion. (they seem to be adding on a bit extra when you set it to AU dollars)

      I'd rather pay a little extra than buy from MSY.

        Yeah, I'd rather pay a little more than stand in line at MSY, and then end up paying surcharges anyway, and massive hassle returns.

          That's why I buy from Scorptec. Slightly higher prices but WAY better customer service. Not sure if they are in NSW though.

          I've never had any issues returning goods to MSY or Umart, I've heard this complaint before but have been shopping with the 2 stores for 6 years now and built about a dozen pc's, at least half a dozen returns never an issue. Even took back a 2 year old WD drive with no receipt and they still sorted out a new one on the spot.

          Last edited 02/11/15 6:18 pm

            where is this magical unicorn of an MSY store you speak of?

              I've used both Morningside and Underwood and never had issues with either. They don't smile and not real helpful if you don't know what you want but never an issue with returns.

        There was once I walked into the Ultimo store at 3:45pm on Saturday., According to their legendary PDF the store closes at 4pm.

        Once I walked into the store. I can still see people paying for their purchases at the counter. A staff walked to me and said they are closing. I told them I only needed 2 items and it should not take long. He didn't care less about what I said and pushed me all the way out of the shop.

        I would rather pay a bit more than buying from this shithole.

        Last edited 02/11/15 4:32 pm

      But buying from Newegg has a 100% guarantee of not having to deal with MSY sales & *bahahahahahahaha* service

      MSY is the only store that could be free and I'd still never use their "online store" absolutely laughable

    Prices displayed on Newegg exclude GST. Check the final price in checkout before comparing to other stores who DO display with GST.

      Why? I wont be paying GST at newegg unless the order is over 1k, and it's actually captured by customs (they don't allocate much in the way of resources to tax collection).

        won't shipping from Australian distributors mean GST on all items will now be included?

          Is that legal to not advertise GST then? That's thoroughly confusing. Also, makes their shipping look really really bad.

            I think there's some confusion at the moment with the US store adjusting to AUD and then applying GST at the end vs the new Aussie distributor model? At least I hope for Newegg's sake that's the case.

              I think there's some confusion at the moment with the US store adjusting to AUD and then applying GST at the end
              We're one of a very small list of countries who include GST in the sale price as opposed to adding it on after the sale.
              It's not so much confusion as potentially having to re-engineer their online store for a relatively small segment of the global economy. And a lot of online stores are off-the-shelf software built for that market.

                at the moment the store only shows estimated VAT/GST if your total is over $1000, so it seems they are not including 10% GST at all.

                If they are using Australian Distributors they will need to rectify the limitations of their store. The law states that the minimum total price including GST must be displayed as prominently as the part price.

                The confusion I was talking about was with users of the site, not the store itself. I have since cleared my own confusion and I reiterate that they will likely be in trouble with the ACCC if they do not start displaying GST correctly.

    What's the shipping like? Some American stores have really good shipping deals. Others charge like a wounded bull to the point ordering from them is actually pointless. Sometimes it's 50% cheaper to use free US shipping to comgateway and have an item forwarded than to actually use the original sites international shipping.

    Last edited 02/11/15 12:08 pm

      Shipping for 3 case fans came to $16 (on a $12 order). So... not much good.

    I might not be doing it right but shipping seems to be in the hundreds which makes the overall costs more expensive than most of the established Australian stores.

    I've had a look at the shipping too, and the prices look awful. $16 to ship a few sticks of RAM is not so bad, but $229 to ship an ASUS ROG 27" gaming monitor? No thanks!

    Thanks for that, can add another vendor when i look to buy parts now! I still usually find that PLE (in Perth) ends up cheapest.

      True that!
      I find PLE to be pretty awesome.
      The prices are great when you factor in no shipment needed

        When you buy a few parts and ask nicely they'll usually chuck in a 5% discount too!

    Ahhh PC Case Gear Is Cheaper than these guys

      I have also confirmed this, PC Case Gear has relatively higher prices per item, but quite a bit lower on almost half.

      So while you save on the individual parts using Newegg, you pay more for shipping. Moreover, as mentioned above, GST may not be included in the prices shown...soooo, yeah even more expensive on Newegg's part.

    In Australia, we’ve never enjoyed the luxury of one big central online store to buy PC parts like monitors, RAM, CPUs and motherboards.
    Hasn't been doing this for years?
    Or have I missed an obvious difference somewhere? :/

      The biggest difference is range. I've sometimes found PCCG to only stock a couple of brands and miss out on others. To the best of my knowledge, Newegg is far more like an Amazon that has anything and everything.

        Yeah, if you want to buy a workstation motherboard for example, then PCCasegear can't help.

    Also, just to add a comment from my own perspective, Newegg will have to offer seriously low prices to tempt me away from IJK, which is just around the corner from my house.

    what about warranty? how is that going to be handled? as if it has to be shipped back to newegg that could get real pricey real quick.

      what about warranty? how is that going to be handled? as if it has to be shipped back to newegg that could get real pricey real quick
      Plus no Australian consumer protection.

    Newegg has been shipping to Australia for a while now, i got an i7 4790k for about $75 cheaper than retail here.

    This would certainly be good for those particular products that we for whatever reason pay more for here. A good example is last year when Radeon 290/X's were going for $200/260USD, here they stayed at $420/$500. I finally managed to pick up a 290X for $420 with 3 games, but they should have been closer to $380AUD and much sooner than October when I finally saw a remotely cheap one.

    Another good example is monitors, some particular models are well above the exchange rate + gst conversion just because they aren't a mass mover.

    This is crap!

    Yeah so competitive. Pfft.

    this is why paid content should be disclosed. It's clear as day this is a newegg sponsored article.
    written by the american company that hasnt done ANY research in the Australian market.
    Umart Online is Newegg. but Australian. yet the article starts off saying we don't have access to any all in one stores. And the fact they used PC partpicker as a yardstick says it all.

    I would really like better disclosure when doing these types of articles. its really LOW as a website/blog/ news site to be so disingenuous

      Mate, this is not a sponsored post. We mark those clearly as advertorial, and they are not written by Gizmodo writers. Simple as that.

      I'm going to reply again to go into more detail, because this bugs me a bit. Gizmodo is one of the few Aussie sites that discloses ALL of its sponsored and advertorial posts. We are very transparent with you guys.

      I wrote this article, not someone from Newegg. The extent of my interaction with Newegg was getting an embargoed press release over the weekend -- the same info any other Aussie tech site would have.

      FYI, I used pcpartpicker -- along with staticice -- because I'd been using it a few hours before for a Kotaku article about Nvidia vs AMD graphics cards. And its prices are in Australian dollars on the Australian site.

      Happy to answer any other questions you might have.

        That's good to know. Would you be able to also ask them where there unit prices don't include GST which is part of our consumer law here and needs to be fixed?

          They are not an Australia buisness. They don't have to follow Australian consumer laws. They don't have an ABN. They don't collect or pay GST. You will have to pay import duty and gst to customs if the value of what you buy is over $1000. Newegg will just suggest the amount that will likely be charged by customs, presumably as a courtesy.

          Furthermore, you have no consumer protection when you buy from them. Legally you are the importer, and legal obligations for safety fall on you. This is especially important is you intend to on sell the products.

          Last edited 02/11/15 11:43 pm

        thanks for the reply.

        But in all fairness you are not the right person to be writing this article then. You displayed you had done zero research into the subject you were writing for. Yet you are on an electronics site. And have never heard of Umart online. MSY, PC case gear. and many others.
        if it isnt sponsored fair enough I take that back. but it doesnt excuse your ignorance.
        That ticks me off more now actually. why did you write an article that you have no experience in?

        Last edited 03/11/15 1:31 am

          Campbell mentions pcpartspicker and saticice because they actually compare prices from all the parts providers including scorptec, pccasegear, mwave, msy, greenbox, warehouse1 and many many others.
          pull your head out buddy. it seems like you'v enow made mountain our of a molehill which wasnt even a molehill.

          Would you like me to send you the ridiculously long list of stuff that I've bought from PCCG, MSY, IJK (which used to be Umart, JFYI), MWave, Scorptec, and the like? :)

            fine. but put that in the frigging article then FFS. Dont come on here acting like im being harsh. you poorly wrote an article pure and simple.

            if you really know these other companies. you what omitted them on purpose. So you are just lazy then?

              Come on, mate. What did I omit? I honestly don't know what your point is; if you're trying to say I tried to deny the existence of MSY, PCCG, etc, then I don't even know what to say back to that.

              I'm not going to argue any more; if you'd like to make a complaint there's a Contact Us page at the bottom of the site.

    Newegg has been shipping here for YEARS. I've bought stuff from there AU shop plenty of times, over the years. Always only stuff no one else sells here. PCCG is one of the best price wise, but they don't carry huge amounts of stock of anything on there list, so you have to get in quick most of the time. Their customer service isn't too bad either.
    The thing about buying OS with electronics is the wait. If you need a customer service return, the turn around to the US back to you is 6 weeks minimum. At home it's 1-2 weeks.

    Some amazing prices on AU Newegg. PC builders please take note and have a look.

    Been looking around at buying a 980 ti for a while. Until today best price on the MSI model with Twin Frozr V was a little over $1100 AU from places like PCCaseGear (including shipping).

    Today on Newegg using the PAX 2015 promo code $922.40 (including shipping)

    Depending on what items they have in the AU warehouse, certain parts no longer have that massive tax $ added at the end... maybe?

    Last edited 02/11/15 11:07 pm

    Agreed that that was a shitty thing to do, but I'm still happy to pay less, get things on the spot, not have to wait for shipped replacements for DOA and put up with (extremely) bad sales assistants.

    To everyone saying "factor in shipping and its more expensive"
    I was going to buy a 980 Ti from newegg. Using an estimate from AusPosts Us Address service it was still several hundred cheaper than picking it up from the cheapest local equivalent

      I was going to buy a 980 Ti from newegg. Using an estimate from AusPosts Us Address service it was still several hundred cheaper than picking it up from the cheapest local equivalent
      So you factored in shipping and have a bargain. Excellent.
      That said, I'm looking at those prices now, and I'm looking at ~$968 including shipping from the US from Newegg, vs $999 at umart. (Thanks Staticice)

      I'd add factor in shipping and risk in not having Australian consumer protection or local warranty. I would say it's worth paying $31/3.2% more to buy locally.

        Brilliant, you looked at one example. You're my hero.
        As with anything you buy off the net, shop around for what suits you. So much drivel in the comments, it's like a pc parts buyers pissing contest.

    "Slightly higher"... That's hilarious.
    Great store, and website - But 95% of items are overpriced, which adds-up FAST.

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