Captain Picard Will Do Anything For A Cup Of Earl Grey

The Star Trek TV shows have proven themselves healthy mash-up fodder for years, though locating quality edits that are worth watching is a tricky proposition. Well, you can now add these videos from YouTube user "gazorra" to your list of watchable cuts, with his latest creation focusing on Captain Picard's obsession with Earl Grey tea.

What's interesting about gazorra — real name Jan van den Hemel — is that he started putting together these edits six years ago, before stopping suddenly. Then, five months ago, he returned with little fanfare and has since released three new clips.

I've only watched a few so far, but this once, entitled "'Riker' Episode 1" is my favourite. Something about that look he and Troi share towards the end makes it all work.

You can check out the rest of his videos on his channel, hopefully the quality is consistent.

[YouTube, via Neatorama]

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