Australia Won't Get Nerf's Awesome New Rival Blasters

We like Nerf guns at Gizmodo. We really like Nerf guns. We love the look of the new Nerf Rival blasters, which shoot up to 12 golfballesque rounds -- instead of darts -- in rapid fire, at speeds of up to 30 metres per second. But we won't get them in Australia, because our laws are a little too unforgiving.

After waiting several months for any news of the new blasters from Hasbro Australia -- and all the while seeing post after post after post after post after post about how awesome they are -- I reached out to the company's customer service over email. (I'd done this before, but received no response.) Then, a reply:

Unfortunately there are no plans for the distribution of this product in Australia -- it does not pass the safety standards required for Australia.

Boo! There you go. We'd suspected that the new Nerf rifles might be a little too powerful to be sold over the counter to the young children that might buy them; but this is Australia, where even low-impact Airsoft guns require a weapons importation certificate to bring into the country. There is some speculation that the Rival may be released in a watered-down, low-power version for Aussie enthusiasts.

So, if you were hanging out to get your hands on a shiny new Nerf Rival Zeus or Apollo for the next Zedtown shoot-out, you're out of luck. We also suspect buying one from eBay would see it seized at Customs and probably destroyed. Better stick to modifying those classic old Nerf Slingfires and Strongarms. Or, you could just watch all these awesome Rival test videos. [Hasbro]



    Who do we speak to in government about this? Its ridiculous.

      There are a few groups trying to push Airsoft into Australia. It's probably been 5 years of talking to MP's and we still haven't got them.

    Nerf'n typical, I was so looking forward to this blaster, now very sad face.

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    Australia, Built on guns, everythings trying to kill us, but cant have toy guns too dangerous..
    Gotta love the soft squishy victim filled world we've become.

      Yeah, gotta love all those soft squishy victims like children who *aren't* being blown away in their classrooms.

        By nerf guns?

          Yes, the laws are overzealous, but when I think about the other end of the extreme... well, I can deal with not having some toys.

            ... doesnt quite tell the whole story,
            of the extreme; sports? Gaming? Fun? political Laziness? Obesity Epidemic?
            to which were you referring to?

    Maybe this should be out next tourism catch phrase.......Australia, the sucky country.

    I hate this country more every day.

    You have to be f*cking kidding me? This country is ridiculous, and run by morons

    That doesn't even make sense. You can buy a slingshot and packet of ball bearings, but not a Nerf gun??

      except slingshots are illegal.

        Is that a new thing? I bought a ridiculous one when I was in high school (twelve years ago, so probably not as recent as I thought). Still got it in amongst a pile of stuff at my parents house, you certainly would not want to get shot with it.

        Not in Australia's Texas

        Go to your local markets and you will find half a dozen people openly selling them. right next to the bootleg videos. Yes I know they are still illegal.

          That's like buying pipes from smoking shops. What else do they get used for?

    eBay or do reckon customs would seize it?

      unless customs has been notified to be on the look out for a certain type of nerf gun I'd expect it to get through.

      You can try purchasing one via Ebay. But I am very certain that, The Customs will reject it back to USA and send you a warning letter advising of the circumstance.

        provided the packaging doesnt make reference to a gun of anysorts it will most likely make it through customs

          Generally, they will screen anything that comes into the country. So I would give it a 50/50 chance of it being rejected.

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    i came here to share my disapproval of australia.

    i disapprove of you australia.

    thank you for listening everyone.

    By their same logic why are existing projectile toys allowed?

    thank god for the protective powers that be!

      the speed of the projectile is the issue.

        If you have a glance at the firearms act specially in Western Australia - the definition of a firearm can be stretched to include a straw and spitball - airsoft applications for legalisation usually fail as the police will reply "not enough interest" well of course not - when everyone is being told straight up it's illegal when they get curious and look it up

    So is there an import ban on these or is it just that Hasbro don't want to bother fighting it?

    Could we import them?

      I would bet with anything, and everything that is banned in Australia, from toys to video games, to movies, to books, Customs are always on the lookout for.

      Customs probably added these Nerf guns to their ever expanding watch list before the public even knew they were banned.

    We need to ban pencils. They can be quite sharp.
    Also ban pencil sharpeners, knives - and wood.

    Any tree capable of being cut into a spike should be banned, and cut down
    [end sarcasm mode]

      I agree but I won't use sarcasm, I will be as blunt as a club.
      Here is a good one I am disabled and use a cane.
      So when I fly they help me onto the plane with the cane, but take the very small nail clippers off me. Do you know what a shillelagh is - it is a Irish war club also used as a walking cane, or from martial arts Short Sticks, now my cane is a 2 piece metal cane, so I could easily have one made from stainless steel and when separated the ends could be sharpened to easily stab as well (great close quarters weapon).
      I will repeat - and they help me onto the plane with a cane which is now very lethal.
      These toy guns are designed to be user friendly for kids, and to reduce any possibility of harm to a minimum.
      I don't hear of any kids being shot and killed in American High schools using these. In fact, if someone was to try, they would probably be laughed back out the door.
      Most activities have some level of danger, whether directly or indirectly.
      They could have adapted them to a lower speed if that was the problem.
      And they already sell the other ones with the darts, so hurting someone in the eye (for example) is still possible, although I have yet to hear it reported on the news. And I seriously doubt that they are hard like paint balls, even though they look about the same size. So as long as warnings and precautions are maintained, they should also sell these.
      In fact these would be a soft alternative for people to play paintball and not have all the bruises the next day (have you ever played paintball and they allow those top be imported with conditions).
      When I was a kid, we used to flick rubber bands at each other and someone was hit in the eye at school (fine after a quick trip to the nurses office and they were upset they did not get sent home). So how come they still sell rubber bands?
      And another trick school kids did was use a stapler to staple someones pants to their leg with a surprisingly light hit and they would not know until they stood up.
      Kids will always find ways (both dangerous and relatively safe) to test themselves, at least use it as a good way to teach kids to be responsible when doing things by wearing ear wear.
      Playing in the back yard with one of these and eye wear, you are more likely to be injured running into a rose bush than by one of these (and I know all about that from playing back yard cricket).

      STUPID -------- LAWS!!

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    It may be that the projectiles are too small, they look only slightly bigger than paintballs.

    Maybe LH should take a break from traffic infringements and answer if it is illegal to import an unsafe toy? Resale would be banned but I can't see why importing it in the first place would be an issue. Customs don't handle product safety, the ACCC does.

      IMO it depends on how it's been classified and if the velocity of the projectile is fast enough to fall under any of the current firearm laws.

        velocity is not addressed in firearm laws.

          Then what defines an airgun and what sets a nerf gun apart from an airgun?

          As I'm sure I've read something about velocity and that modifications of nerf guns causing them to fire better/faster can step them up into airgun territory.

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    Don't forget that they've all been amalgamated into "Border Force" now.
    Black shirts, badges and guns.

    Quick search found it on ebay, already in Australia and can even pickup from BigW and Wooly's:

      Not available at Bigw or Woolies in australia.......Unfortunately there are no plans for the distribution of this product in Australia — it does not pass the safety standards required for Australia......did you not read the story?

    so we're not going to get a grey trigger version for Australia? we get every other Nerf blaster with reduced power & a Grey trigger.

    don't let the door hit you on your way out

    Does this mean we miss out in New Zealand too?

      I doubt it. Australia is the real Nanny State. Tons of things that are illegal in Australia are legal and unregulated everywhere else including NZ.

    Typical over regulation by a nanny state paranoid Aussie government. Seriously this place is more conservative than the pope sometimes.

    What about New Zealand

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