Aussie Garage To Customise Real Life Need For Speed Car

One of the best parts in any racing game is spending hours in the garage customising your car — and now EA is giving fans the chance to do the same in real life. As part of the release of EA's recent Need for Speed game, it has collected a crack team of Aussie artists and game enthusiasts to bring fans' vision of the perfect car to life. The car they have chosen is a Nissan Silvia Spec R, and it's ready and waiting for some sleek customisations.

The car will be worked over literally from the ground up. The first thing to be customised will be the wheels, with Sydney's Zen Garage doing the work on them. Following that is the bodykit from fibreglass expert Hayden Cox, a surfboard designer, and last of all will be the paint job and graphics from street artist DVATE.

Each week, the team will release a new video showcasing the options for the next stage of customisations, and invite fans to vote on which ones they want to see brought to life — with the options coming straight out of the game's own customisation features, of course. For reference, this is the real life car that's going to be transformed over the coming months:

This is what the Nissan Silvia looks like in game:

And this is an idea of what a customised car could look like:

Want to be involved? Further details will be up on the Need for Speed Facebook page, with the first showcase video of customisation options coming on November 16.

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