Apple Pay Is Now Live In Australia

Apple Pay Is Now Live In Australia

Apple Pay is finally live in Australia! After years of waiting to be able to pay for stuff with iPhones, users can do so from today, with a small catch.

Apple Pay allows you to pay with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch at contactless terminals where it’s supported around the world.

The payment integration requires you to scan or enter credit or debit card details in your Wallet app on iOS before being allowed to pay. The app pings your bank to see if Apple Pay is enabled at a merchant level before allowing that card to be added to wallet.

American Express is the first payments provider to launch Apple Pay support in Australia, which means that you’ll only get access to the NFC payments service if you have both an iPhone and an American Express card.

The other catch is that the payment terminal you go to pay on has to accept American Express contactless payments. Not every contactless payment terminal supports American Express, and not every store accepts the card in the first place, so you’ll have to ask before you go trying to swipe your phone.

So will your bank support Apple Pay in future? Apple says it wants Apple Pay to be used in as many places as possible in Australia, which is its way of saying that it hopes more payment providers come online soon.