Apple Pay Is Now Live In Australia

Apple Pay is finally live in Australia! After years of waiting to be able to pay for stuff with iPhones, users can do so from today, with a small catch.

Apple Pay allows you to pay with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch at contactless terminals where it’s supported around the world.

The payment integration requires you to scan or enter credit or debit card details in your Wallet app on iOS before being allowed to pay. The app pings your bank to see if Apple Pay is enabled at a merchant level before allowing that card to be added to wallet.

American Express is the first payments provider to launch Apple Pay support in Australia, which means that you'll only get access to the NFC payments service if you have both an iPhone and an American Express card.

The other catch is that the payment terminal you go to pay on has to accept American Express contactless payments. Not every contactless payment terminal supports American Express, and not every store accepts the card in the first place, so you'll have to ask before you go trying to swipe your phone.

So will your bank support Apple Pay in future? Apple says it wants Apple Pay to be used in as many places as possible in Australia, which is its way of saying that it hopes more payment providers come online soon.



    Can't used bank issued AMEX :(

      Buhahahah xD Awesome job there Apple... Talk about out of touch

        More like great job Aussie banks out of touch....

          The Aussie banks didn't want to lose their cut of the transaction market, they have been doing very well out of payWave, eftpos etc. for a long time now. The US are slowly catching up to us that's all, I suspect our banking sector being smaller has been a lot more organised in terms of ecommerce at point of sale for a while.

    To the dozens of American Express card holders in Australia, good luck to you! Let the rest of us know how Apple Pay works out for you.

      Now, to be fair, all major banks issue AmEx cards to- Oh, it's only American Express direct cards. Nevermind.

    In related news, Commonwealth Bank just updated their App to include Credit Card tap and pay via NFC, instead of just direct debit. So now you can use any NFC-enabled Android phone on 4.4 or higher to pay with Credit *or* bank account through Commbank.

      Hang on, Android 4.4 has been around for years, there's no way it can support this cutting edge feature that apple just invented and has never been seen before??

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      I have used this a few times, works as expected... still not as easy as using a credit card with paypass.

      I get more tempted to switch to Commonwealth every day, they seem to be the only bank that actually gives a shit about mobile banking. Been asking ANZ for over a year when tap and pay is coming and only ever get vague answers.

        Been thinking the same, but its not enough to move me from Bankwest. Incidentally, even though Bankwest is CBA's little sister, they don't have any NFC apps either.

          Change to westpac and use any late model Samsung phone. I always use my phone to pay for things and the only time I get my debit card out, is when I have to pay out more than one hundred dollars.

        Heritage do too - which is about as far as they seem to care about mobile banking.

      Or go to westpac where you can get the westpac app to install on your phone, tap which cards you'd like to use and 24 hours later your good to go. ..... With Samsung phones and nexus phones.

    It'll come to all smartphones eventually, but I can't help but feel this is *risky as fuck*. I understand the whole thumbprint, but damn if I'm wary of adding my details to my phone for that...

    Then again, to be fair to the system if someone found my keycard, they COULD go on a purchase spree with paywave... so it *is* more secure than that.

      It's been on many other smartphones for years, but I'll forgive your ignorance as until apple "invents" something it's incredibly hard to see news about standard Android features.


        No one (even Apple) are claiming they invented contactless payments. We all know Android have been able to do it for some time before Apple, so chill out!

        Apple's implementation versus Google Wallet however is far superior and has way better market penetration.

        So get off your android soapbox please and thank you

          Apple's implementation is no better than the Commbank tap-n-pay widget I've had on my Android home screen for the last 6-12 months. You press that, enter your PIN and tap the terminal. Fingerprinting instead of PIN is the only difference.

          Does Google Wallet even work in Australia?

            Wow. Do you have to do all that just to pay ? I'm with westpac and have a Samsung phone. All I do is hover my phone over the past wave terminal and it does the rest. Pocket, paywave terminal, pocket and I'm out of there.

              Sounds awes! Yeah mine doesn't automatically know when it is near a pay terminal, I have to activate the Tap-n-go widget button.

              Where does the security come in on yours? Does it request a fingerprint scan when you tap the phone on paywave or something?

            If you're using a pin instead of a fingerprint then I'd say the Apple method is better. Anyone can learn your pin, not everyone has access to your fingerprint.

          Apple's implementation versus Google Wallet however is far superior and has way better market penetration

          Nice speech mate. Some facts to back it up would be nice. Shame you don't have any.

          Samsung pay is accepted at more than 30,000,000 locations, whereas less than 10% of card readers can use the NFC that apple uses.

          Kind of the opposite of "far superior" and "better market penetration", though I'd hardly expect an iSheep to make sense.


            Literally 90+% of card terminals in Australia accept NFC payments.

            Dudes like this always sound so angry at the world, its gotta be exhausting.

          Apple's implementation versus Google Wallet however is far superior and has way better market penetration.

          Not in Australia if the big four banks don't support it.

            I was under the impression Google doesn't support Wallet here, which would put Apple's limited rollout ahead still.

              Android Pay I think is the new Google wallet, don't think it's a replacement though. Android pay is is being supported by some banks, other banks have android specific apps, like commonwealth.

                Thanks. I knew it'd been renamed but wasn't aware it was available yet in AU in its new form.

    guess we're making baby steps in the right direction...

    Could have been worse - if they went with Diners Club instead.

      My old company used to issue Diners Club as the company card... Everyone was just asking "Why???"

    And don't forget the surcharge that some stores sometimes impose on AMEX transactions...

      That's what I was wondering. Will the customer be hit with the AMEX surcharge?

    I have an Amex card I can use for this, so I guess I'll try it out of curiosity. But really, how is it any easier than taking the card out of my wallet and waving it across the machine?

      Leave your cards at home I guess?

        Why would I want to do that?

      Is your card an Amex direct card, or a bank card that happens to be AmEx?

      Because only the former works with Pay.

        What has that got to do with my comment?

      It's not easier. I've been using the commbank app for the last 12 months or so and the only time it's been useful is when I've accidentally left my wallet and cards at home.

      Also lots of shops still like to take your card and swipe it themselves. I'm not handing my phone over!

    Coles group (Supermarket, liquorland, servos) all seem to be able to accept contactless Amex.

    Just tried this with my AMEX. My iPhone (and watch) setup was pretty easy, i should have been all ready to go. BUT i tried it on our EFTPOS machines at work (NAB issued) and it won't recognise phone or watch on the tap and go reader, EFTPOS machine doesnt see the iPhone, even when the iPhone has the AMEX card on screen and is telling you to tap it on the reader.

    Also tried at a combank EFTPOS unit at a fast food place and it didnt work there either. I am pretty sure that the iPhone was working correctly and i did the right things, but the EFTPOS machines need a update.

      Think someone mentioned on Whirlpool that some NAB terminals are having issues.

      Also was hoping to give it a try but didn't get the chance due to work commitments. I guess I'll give it a go tomorrow at Big W and/or Coles.

    I hope this will force Google to bring out a decent equivalent for Android.

    The Suncorp mobile app is regularly applauded as the best around

    "Apple Pay Is Now Live In Australia"

    Funny, I had the impression that it has been "still born", as, demonstrably, it has been in the U.S. ...

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