YouTube Gaming Gets Updates As Australia Watches From The Sidelines

YouTube Gaming Gets Updates As Australia Watches From The Sidelines

We won’t be able to take part in the reindeer games, but the US and UK are getting some pretty meaty updates to Youtube Gaming, including one that aims to take Patreon out of the equation.

There are some good ideas in here, even if there’s no word on when we’ll be able to enjoy them.

For those to want to stream games from their mobile, the Youtube Gaming app will make this a reality, and streamers can use the camera to superimpose their face on the game image. Just like the PC streamers do! It’s all done with a stylish bubble design, too, so they probably won’t need to invest in the whole green screen kit.

Streaming from your pocket device? Cue the countdown to some very embarrassing headlines following the rollout of that feature.

Viewers will also soon be able to support their favourite streamers financially, with the Sponsorships and Fan Funding feature. This appears to be filling the role of both Twitch’s one-off payments and Patreon’s monthly support, with regular donors given certain perks like a chat badge and access to exclusive chat sessions.

That particular feature is currently being beta tested by just a few streamers right now, before being rolled out elsewhere.

There are a few other minor changes, too. Head over to the Youtube blog to check them out.