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Microsoft Surface Book And Surface Pro 4: Australian Price And Release Date Early this morning a slew of new Microsoft Windows 10 devices were announced, including the Surface Pro 4 and the very cool Surface Book. But how much will they cost, and how soon can you get one of your own?

Microsoft Surface Book's Secret Nvidia GPU: What Is It? There’s an optional discrete graphics card available in higher-spec variants of Microsoft’s brand new Surface Book laptop; it’ll make the thin and light laptop powerful enough for a bit of casual gaming as well as demanding graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop. Probably, at least — we don’t actually know anything about it, and Microsoft and Nvidia are staying pretty quiet on the topic.

The Surface Book Is Microsoft's New Windows Laptop Well here’s a surprise! After spending years undermining the laptop — or at least trying to — with the Surface, now Microsoft is making its own damn laptop. Oh hell yes folks, here is Surface Book. Yes, it’s beautiful.

Plug And Play Energy Storage Could Offer More Flexibility Than The Telsa Powerwall Over in South Australia, the power networks are working with Enphase Energy to trial another new distributed energy storage system. Compared to Tesla’s Powerwall (and some other existing battery storage), the system promises to be more flexible and has a smart management system – but at what cost?

iPhone 6s Benchmarks Suggest Some CPUs Can Give 20% Lower Battery Life The culprit here is apparently the new A9 processor, which is sourced from two different companies. Some users are seeing benchmark battery life almost 2 hours shorter, as well as a small performance different. So which CPU does your 6s have, and are you affected?

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