Starting Next Week, Newegg Will Ship Straight From Aussie Distributors

Even with the dollar where it is (and the planned demise of the GST-free threshold), there are still opportunities for US retailers to make a nice profit selling to Australia. Computer parts merchant Newegg is one such entity — it set things in motion last year with AUD pricing and postage and it'll take the next step — shipping directly from local distributors — starting Monday.

According to a story by TechGeek's Chris Southcott, using local distributors is just the start. Newegg brand marketing director James Merk revealed that the business wants to establish its own warehouse in the country.

The article goes on to mention that despite the hurdles of providing product to Australia, the region has proven to be one of Newegg's "most successful international expansions".

Hopefully, by getting its ducks in a row with Australian distributors and sorting out a physical presence, we'll see more competitive pricing on computer hardware from other retailers. For now however, we'll just have to hit up Newegg's site next week to see just how tasty its pricing is.


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