Sony PlayStation VR: Australian Hands On

Video: Playstation is charging ahead into the bold future of Virtual Reality. PlayStation VR is totally awesome, and we managed to get an early look at how the hardware works, as well as a hands on test of all the fun, bewildering and terrifying games Sony has planned.

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    If they could combine it with a swivel chair that is powered and it has a steering wheel then it would be fantastic for car racing games. Other than that I reckon you'd get bored pretty quick.

    My right eye is made of glass. Can this thing be used successfully by cyclopses like myself?

      If your right eye is blind, you already lack (true) depth perception. Your brain has already trained itself and adjusted to perceive the world as you perceive it now. Your brain will do the same with VR headsets.

      On the upside, while you may never get a real pilot license, you can still fly a plane in VR. Also you will not need any IPD adjustments or configurations. In theory you should have less discomfort than the majority of gamers. Lucky YOU!

      Last edited 29/10/15 11:46 am

        Thanks for the info. I was concerned it was gonna be like 3d, everywhere but inaccessible to me.

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