People Are Getting Robbed For Their ‘Hoverboards’ Now

People Are Getting Robbed For Their ‘Hoverboards’ Now

Police in Philadelphia are looking for a man who robbed several people at gunpoint on 5 October at a Chinese take-out restaurant. He stole the victims’ phones, their wallets, and a “hoverboard”. Yep, people are getting robbed for their hoverboards now.

There’s been debate about what to call these things, but I’ve officially surrendered to the popular trend and now just call them hoverboards like everybody else. They’re basically Segways without handlebars — not to be confused with something that actually hovers. And you’re starting to see them everywhere.

But much like any new high-tech device, they seem to make their riders easy targets for would-be thieves. Those flashing lights underneath probably don’t help keep hoverboarders (ugh) inconspicuous either.

The suspect in the Philadelphia robbery is described as a, “black male, 5’6″, slim build, 22-23 years-of-age, wearing a navy blue polo Ralph Lauren hooded sweatshirt, sunni beard and a large ‘H’ tattoo on his neck.”

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