NASA Uploads All Photos Taken By Apollo Astronauts, Including The Bad Ones

It's nice for NASA to curate all the wonderful photos satellites, telescopes and astronauts take so we can see the good stuff, but there's something to be said for glimpsing humanity's more intimate moments with the cosmos. Thanks to the Project Apollo Archive, you can now check out all the images captured by our Moon-bound astronauts, including the less glamorous ones.

The collection, now up on Flickr, is simply amazing and worth taking the time to browse. Sure, a lot look like this:

But then you'll stumble upon some pearlers:

As you may already know, the photos were shot on Hasselblad cameras. The quality is certainly there and it's even more astounding when you realise these photos are all raw, straight from NASA. No dodgy Instagram filters or Photoshopping here folks.

Did I say "bad ones" in the title? None of these are bad — not in the slightest.

[Flickr, via PetaPixel]

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