Malcolm Turnbull Wants Cabinet Ministers To Use Slack

Malcolm Turnbull Wants Cabinet Ministers To Use Slack

Messaging app Slack is getting all sorts of good press these days. Organisations all over the world are using it, and it’s being hailed as the “solution” to email. Now the communication app has another group of users reportedly lined up: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Cabinet.

A report in The Australian reveals that Prime Minister Turnbull brought the app to Cabinet as a new way to communicate about “confidential matters”.

For those playing at home, Slack isn’t like Wickr or Signal. It’s not an encrypted app designed to dodge snooping legislation like data retention. It’s just a new way for people to talk cross-platform.

Getting Ministers to use the app should be interesting though: when Turnbull brought it up with Cabinet, some Ministers needed a bit of education as to what Slack was.

It’s nice to see our elected officials being dragged into the 21st Century for a change. [The Australian]