Some Apple iPhone 6s Processors Can Give 20 Per Cent Less Battery Life

The culprit here is apparently the new A9 processor, which is sourced from two different companies. Some users are seeing benchmark battery life almost 2 hours shorter, as well as a small performance different. So which CPU does your 6s have, and are you affected?

The chip manufacturers in question are TSMC and Samsung, with the latter’s CPUs allegedly chewing through battery a whole lot faster. Of course the sample size so far is small and it's hard to know if other factors are causing the issue. Either way, it's worth investigating.

The tests first came to light from a Chinese website testing the phones. Reddit user raydizzle’s GeekBench battery tests confirmed it, using two otherwise identical iPhone 6s Pluses that happened to have the two different CPUs.

Running the test over and over for consistency saw the TSMC CPU clock in at almost 8 hours, while the Samsung ran out of juice a bit over 6 hours in. The Samsung also ran hotter, and is supposedly a tiny bit slower.

Other users have confirmed similar results, but it’s not yet known if it is a widespread problem or exactly how it might change the battery life in real world use. Still, 20% is a massive difference and there are going to be a lot of unhappy customers out there if the problem is widespread.

It’s actually an odd result too, as the 14nm Samsung Chip was actually expected to be better than the 16nm TSMC CPU.

The statistics collected so far suggest that there is a 50/50 chance of each CPU across both of the new iPhones, but the 6s plus model is more affected.

The stats are about 60/40 Samsung / TSMC for the 6s Plus and 30/70 for the 6s. In other words, 6s Plus users are much more likely to be effected.

There is a few tools available to help you check which CPU you have.

The best option is Lirum Device Info Lite - System Monitor, from the app store. The CPU type can be found on the main page under model.

N71AP for the 6s and N66AP for 6s Plus are Samsung CPUs N71MAP for the 6s and N66MAP for 6s Plus are TSMC CPUs

There is also an unsigned program from a developer called Hiraku Jira that can check your CPU, but it is best avoided unless you are willing to accept the risks. Check out the website though for the CPU stats collected.

Hopefully the issue (if it exists beyond the tests so far) can be sorted by a software update.

Some users have also reported that despite having the Samsung CPU, they get good battery life in real world use. Of course that is hard to qualify, but unless you struggle to make it through a day, there is probably nothing to worry about just yet.

What CPU do you have? Tell us in the comments.

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    Just checked mine and appears to be "XXXmAP", always wondered why it's doing so well with the battery. Looks like Samsung has more work to do to.

    I have a N71AP - Samsung chip, cant say I have had any issues, except battery life.... with Facebook background app refresh on I was leaving work with only 20% battery, with it off I am leaving with 60% or more..

      The Facebook app is literally the devil. I think. At least for battery life...

      TSMC for me was getting more bat from my 6 but I am spending more time on Angry Birds 2....

      Turned off FB and other apps background refresh and back to 2 full days.

    48 hours battery life on normal usage for me on Samsung chip. I'm happy

    I just checked my device, coz its been irking me for days! I have the TSMC Cpu in a 6s 64gb, and the best usage I have gotten is just over 6 hours from a full charge! Battery drains way too fast! Big part of why I upgraded in the first place from my old 4s and getting similar results. No background app refresh on, low brightness, emails are set to push, no bluetooth on, I've done just about everything under the sun to get the battery running longer. Even contacted Apple store and was told by a "genius" that thats the typical time frame expected from the device….Not happy

      When you check the battery usage, what does it say is using the most power?

      I get around 8hrs of fairly heavy usage on my 6S, with constantly paired bluetooth devices, streaming music and background apps.

      BUT... I did have problems with my iPhone 6, I was only getting about 6hrs out of that under same use, but it was getting to 20 - 25% battery then just powering off (not every time though). Apple said the battery was passing all tests, but I persisted and eventually got it replaced.

      You should be making it through a day easily with the settings you have enabled.

    It appears that my 6S cpu is showing up as unknown on all of the monitoring apps.

    N66mAP chip on my day one Gold 128GB iPhone 6s+. Good news I guess, and no issues so far.

    Last edited 07/10/15 10:23 pm

    Samsung might be in the running for another Shonky Award.

    N66MAP 😊 I win.

    I have the Samsung chip on my 6S... The battery lasted longer on my 5S, low power mode barely helps.

    Seems like I lucked out too. I have the Samsung chip. I thought it was strange that my 6s was lasting even less than my 5s - and this just confirms it. Lame. I'm really hoping a swift software update fixes this...

    id say its more likely Samsung did this on purpose to hinder their competitor, if apple doesn't like it maybe they should build their own foundries instead of outsourcing to their competitor

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