Dashcams: Watch Tesla’s Autopilot Stop A Head-On Collision

Dashcams: Watch Tesla’s Autopilot Stop A Head-On Collision

This video makes me wince in fear. A Tesla owner with a dashcam just gave us a look at how good the collision prevention capabilities of Model S’ autopilot system are. A car turned in front of the Model S from the opposite turning lane and the Tesla Autopilot system deftly manages to avoid the accident.

The driver of the car, who posted the video to YouTube, said he didn’t touch the car in order for it to stop the accident:

Add your own honking and swearing.
Was travelling a little under 45 mph. There was some rain, but roads were pretty dry. I was watching stopped traffic to my right.
I did not touch the brake. Car did all the work. Sadly no audio, because I had an Uber passenger and Washington has strict privacy laws about recording conversations.

It’s massively lucky that there wasn’t another car travelling behind the Model S that crashed into the back following the sudden stop.

Drive safe, readers.

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