Car Thief In Western Australia Evades Police By Driving Into The Sea

While Australia doesn't have its own "Florida man", we do have our fair share of dumb criminals. For some reason, our thieves can't seem to figure out the limitations of their own (or stolen) vehicles, be it trying to take off with an ATM or in this case, testing the non-existent amphibious qualities of a station wagon.

As this Channel 7 news report explains, the crim put the police through a two-hour chase that started in Clarkson, Western Australia and ended in Wilbinga. After considering his options, he drove straight into the water. Rather than follow, the police just waited for the tide to come.

Despite Google Maps' previous reputation for allowing one to kayak over the ocean to reach various destinations, I couldn't get it to plot a path from Wilbinga into the sea.

Which bodes well for the company's autonomous cars I suppose:

The drive is around 30 minutes, but the thief spent a bit of time cruising the beach before attempting his short-lived aquatic adventure. Note to self — if I'm going to steal a vehicle, best nab one of those amphibious APCs.

[YouTube, via Mashable]

Photo: Yanchep Police

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