Boost Mobile Has 11GB Of Pre-Paid Data A Month, But There’s A Catch

Boost Mobile Has 11GB Of Pre-Paid Data A Month, But There’s A Catch

You might hear a few things from Boost Mobile in the next few days. Perhaps you’ve already heard them. Basically, the Telstra-owned and -operated MVNO says it’s going to give you 11GB worth of data per month on its $40 UNLTD plan. It’s technically true. Here’s the deal.

From today, Boost’s $40 UNLTD plan comes with unlimited talk, text and MMS, as well as 3GB of data to use in 30 days. That’s news in itself: Boost had previously slashed the data allowance on the $40 UNLTD offer down to 2GB per month, but today that’s being reinstated.

So where does the 11GB number come from? There’s a fair bit of daylight between 3GB and 11GB, but here’s how Boost plans to make up the difference.

A while ago, Boost quietly started giving its customers 1GB of bonus data to use every week, but restricted it for use on Sundays. That meant an extra 4GB per month for customers, but that bonus pool could only be tapped one day per week, and 1GB at a time.

Boost is tweaking the offer slightly today. The $40 UNLTD plan now includes the standard 3GB of data, as well as a bonus 2GB of data to use all weekend. From 9pm AEST on Friday through to 12midnight AEST Sunday, you’ll get 2GB of bonus data to use on top of that 3GB of standard data you already have. And that bonus data refreshes every weekend.

So here’s the maths: 3GB of standard data + 2GB of bonus data every Sunday (four Sundays in a 30 day period) = 11GB of data to use every month.

So let’s recap: instead of 2GB of standard data and 1GB of bonus data to use every Sunday, Boost is now giving you 3GB of standard data, and 2GB of bonus data to use between 9pm AEST Friday and midnight AEST on Sunday.

It might take a bit to get your head around, but if you can fit your usage into these particular days, you’re about to get yourself a great deal, especially when you consider that Boost is now running on Telstra’s 4G mobile network.