Aussie Android Sales Share Down Compared To Last Year

Aussie Android Sales Share Down Compared To Last Year

Based on data released by Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, over the past year sales share has shifted from Android to iOS and Windows Mobile. The data was collected up to the 30th of August, and the Android sales share in Australia actually took the biggest hit of any country worldwide.

For the same time period last year in Australia, Android had 64.3 % of the sales, iOS had 29.3% and Windows Mobile had 5.1%. And other was at 1.3%.

A year later, Android has dropped 11.2% of its sales share, down to 53.1%.

iOS has picked up 8.5% of the slack, climbing to 37.8% of the sales share.

Windows phone is also getting some extra love, up 2.3% for a 7.4% chunk of the sales.

Blackberry is on the rise, to 1.5% from 0.8% – but presumably that does not include the new Blackberry Android phones.

Even ‘other’ is up, with a 0.4% climb to 1.7% share.

The data actually gets even more interesting if we take a look at what Android and iOS sales shares looked like further back.

Back at the 3 months ending in June 2014, Android had a massive 68% share, compared to iOS at 25.5%.

With the launch of the iPhone 6, the 3 months leading up to December 2014 saw iOS actually become the leader in terms of sales share, with 45.1% of the market, compared to Android’s 43.7%.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people stopped buying Android phones. Just that the iPhone 6 saw a huge number of people making the upgrade before last Christmas.

Compared to the three months leading up to December in 2013 and 2012 (iPhone 5s, and 5), Android still help the larger sales share, with around 58% compared to iOS with 35% (both years).

Ok, but what about other countries?

Android was down and iOS was up in many regions, with a few notable exception, such as the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Spain.

In the US, Android sales share grew 2.5% over the year, while iOS dropped 2.1%.

Read the full report, or check out the data for yourself.