All The News You Missed Overnight: Are These The First Images Of OnePlus’ Upcoming Mini Smartphone?

All The News You Missed Overnight: Are These The First Images Of OnePlus’ Upcoming Mini Smartphone?

Rumours are quickly circulating about OnePlus’ upcoming smartphone — the second one of the year, currently thought to be called the OnePlus Mini. Now, we may even have one of the first pictures of the rumoured smartphone.

With flat metal edges, the OnePlus Mini seems to evoke a little of the old school styling found in the iPhone 4. The camera’s also been moved to the top left corner, much like the iPhone.

Click upper left corner to enlarge.

Other spec rumours say this phone will have a 5-inch, 1080p display, a MediaTek processor, 2GB or RAM, and a 13-megapixel camera. So not exactly a beast of a phone, but at least one you can hold it comfortably with one hand. Also spotted: Documents about the phone sent to the FCC for approval. There’s no firm date for when we can expect the Mini, but it will mostly likely be sometime in the dying months of 2015. [Droid Life]

Street View Goes Full VR: Yesterday, Google brought a full VR experience to Google Street View via Google Cardboard. The feature was added in late 2014 as an easter egg of sorts in Google Maps. Now, the feature is fully supported in the Street View standalone app. You can load up any locale in the Street View library (which is most places) and get a full 360-degree view. Pretty neat. [Google]

Pepsi Makes a Smartphone…For Some Reason: Making a smartphone isn’t something you just dabble in, as most Android phone makers will tell you. But Pepsi (the soda company, yeah, that one) is going to make a smartphone. 5.5 inches. 1080p display. 1.7GHz processor. 2GB of RAM. 13-megapixel camera. Called the P1. No word yet if Coca Cola plans to make a laptop. [Android Headlines]

Toward a Better, Smarter Cortana: Microsoft’s latest preview build, a software taste of the latest and greatest on Windows 10 for participating Insiders, brings a bevy of improvements for Cortana. The voice assistant can now recognise handwritten notes and will keep track of events through email confirmations, much like Google Now. There’s also improved context menus, icons, and bunches of other stuff. [Microsoft]