All The News You Missed Overnight: Ridesharing In China, Kickass Torrents Gets Blacklisted, And More

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Almost every big tech company — from Apple through to Tesla — are looking to crack the lucrative Chinese market. San Francisco-based ridesharing service, Uber is no different. It's currently locked in a fierce battle with Chinese ridesharing company Didi Kuaidi for transportation supremacy. Amidst the battle comes the familiar chorus from traditional transport providers (read: cabs) that these services operate outside legislation, hurting the local industry.

In a bid to make sure everyone is playing fair, the Chinese Ministry of Transport has issued new legal guidance for ridesharing in China. Drivers will be required to have special licenses; cars will be limited to seven seats, and drivers will need a level of experience in order to qualify to operate a ridesharing vehicle.

You can check out all the legislation here.

Users of Kickass Torrents got a rude shock over the weekend when they tried to visit the site via Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers: the site has been flagged as a malware distributor.

The owners of the site have been in touch and said that an errant ad was at fault. Still, it's likely to scare off a few pirates.

PSA: Data retention starts this week in Australia. Make sure you know what it is, and how you can protect your privacy with a VPN.

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