All The News You Missed Overnight: Google Bins Billionth Pirate Result, Titanfall Is Coming To Mobile, And More

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumours and speculation — real and fabricated. All The News You Missed Overnight collects all those whispers into one place to deliver your morning buzz.

Copyright holders love using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as a tool for removing Google links to so-called pirate search engines. A few days ago, Google and the copyright cops passed a hell of a milestone: according to TorrentFreak, the search engine has now taken down over 1 billion pirate links from results.

The search giant now processes around 2 million of these requests per day. That's a lot of pirate whac-a-mole.

Titanfall may very well be the best game on Xbox One. The pseudo-Mechwarrior revival game was a debut title for Microsoft's next-gen console, and now it's coming to mobile.

Respawn and mobile game publisher Nexon and developer Particle City have teamed up to bring some form of Titanfall to mobiles.

Details are scarce, but here's hoping it's as fully featured as possible to take advantage of new, more powerful tablets!

When Microsoft bought the amazing iOS calendar app, Sunrise, we knew it was only a matter of time before Redmond would absorb its awesomeness. Microsoft has announced that iOS users of its Outlook for Mobile app will start to see the improvements made by the Sunrise team soon, with Android users seeing the benefits in early November.

Is YouTube Red worth it? Variety takes a good look at the offerings so you can decide before the product comes to Australia.

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