Adobe Says Sorry For Unstable, Feature-Removing Lightroom Patch

Adobe Says Sorry For Unstable, Feature-Removing Lightroom Patch

Getting an apology out of a company such as Adobe is about as rare as say, the same business charging reasonable prices for its software. Yet here we are and one of these has come to pass. And no, it’s not the one everyone actually wants.

I guess an apology is still nice and that’s exactly what Adobe has done. Last Monday, the software giant issued an update for Lightroom, bringing the program to version 6.2. Now traditionally, patches to applications make them better… not so for Lightroom.

Instead, not only did the program become a constantly crashing mess, it removed functionality, specifically a bunch of options in Lightroom’s import feature.

It quickly became clear that users were rather angry about the whole thing, resulting in photo product manager Tom Hogarty posting a thorough “we stuffed up” message on Adobe’s site late last week.

In the message, Hogarty explains that the developer’s “efforts to simplify the import experience” were responsible for the “significant crashing bug”. He goes on to say that the changes were both “handled” and “communicated poorly”.

Apparently a new update is out remedying the issue though going by the comments, it doesn’t seem to have helped much; while stability may have improved, the import functionality remains a shadow of its former self. Maybe a rollback would be a better option at this point…

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