What It’s Like Inside a $500M Boeing 747-8 VIP Private Jet

What It’s Like Inside a $500M Boeing 747-8 VIP Private Jet

Have you ever felt that flying is not nearly luxurious enough, even in first class? Maybe you would rather have the entire plane to yourself — and while you’re at it, you should probably make sure that the plane doesn’t actually feel like a plane, but like a luxury hotel instead.

Well why not invest in a Boeing 747-8 private jet — a luxury conversion of one of the largest passenger airliners in the world. Oh, did I mention you’d have to put down around $500M for one of these? I hope you’ve got some spare change stashed away somewhere.

This ridiculous 4,786 sq. ft. flying palace was produced for an incredibly wealthy — and highly confidential — client, but at least we get to have a look at its plush interior before it gets to flying obscenely rich passengers around the globe. The layout includes a stateroom, multiple lounges, an office and a huge conference-room-cum-dining-room. All its fittings are custom designed and built in-house from top quality materials — although there is a conspicuous lack of fireplaces. Sorry Lufthansa.

The real question is, if you had a private jet like this, why would you ever land?

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