Watch This Guy Open A Hotel Room Safe With A Pocketknife And Paperclip

Did you pay extra for a deluxe hotel room that came with a safe? It doesn’t matter how complex you think you four-digit code is, it turns out the safe’s keypad can probably be over-ridden using a secret keyhole that’s surprisingly easy to hack.

In this video Jim Stickley demonstrates that the fancy metal nameplate on this Registry brand hotel safe can be easily removed revealing a backup keyhole underneath. And using nothing more than a simple pocket tool and a short length of wire, he was able to easily open the safe using nothing more than basic lock-picking skills.

Adding insult to injury, when the safe’s door is then closed it automatically locks itself again like nothing’s happened. So when a traveller returns to their hotel room they will see the safe’s door closed and assume it’s locked and secure, when in reality its contents have been secretly emptied.

So add this to an already long list of reasons why a hotel room might not actually be your best vacation option.

[YouTube – Jim Stickley via Boing Boing]