Watch NASA Announce The Answer To One Of Mars’ Greatest Mysteries

Watch NASA Announce The Answer To One Of Mars’ Greatest Mysteries

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, NASA says it will broadcast a special live event to answer to a major Mars mystery. Just what this mystery is, however, is all a part of the mystery, as NASA is not yet breathing a word of what this discovery may be about.

Photo by NASA/Greg Shirah

The event will begin at 1:30am AEST on Tuesday and it’s highly likely it will be worth missing your usual bedtime for. The last time NASA announced something like this, it was regarding the discovery of Kepler 452-b, the most Earth-like planet discovered to date. When the stream goes live, you can watch it right here thanks to NASA TV and even join in with your own questions on Twitter, using the hashtag #AskNASA.

There’s no way to know what the US space agency might be announcing until the event kicks off, but we can always speculate! So to recap, what are some of Mars’ biggest mysteries? Let’s count a few popular questions when it comes to the tantalising red planet: Is there life on Mars? Is there liquid water on Mars? Did Mars once have oceans? What is the source of methane on Mars? The answers to any of these questions could easily constitute a major scientific breakthrough — though there’s also the possibility that it could be something else entirely.

So what do you think NASA is going to announce at 1:30am tomorrow? Let us know all your theories in the comments!

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