Two Aussie Artists Painted Cars With Dust For The New Mad Max Game

The world of Mad Max: Fury Road is dirty, unclean and dusty, and it's full of cars — albeit ones usually shooting flames and crashing into each other. It only stands to reason, then, that an artwork created to celebrate the launch of the Mad Max game be heavily reliant on both cars and dust.

Done by Sydney street artists Blackbook Ink at Gasoline Motors in Sydney, this little installation isn't quite as hardcore as when the film took over the Sydney Opera House, but the end result — done on a BMW X5 and a big ol' Ford F-250 — still looks cool.

We've all drawn "wash me" on the back windows of our mates' cars, but this takes the artform to a completely different level. Apparently "dusty car art" is a thing — who knew? Mad Max is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. [YouTube]

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