Twelve South's HiRise Apple Watch Stand Is Out Now In Australia

Got yourself an Apple Watch? How often do you need to charge it? If you're a heavy user, that might be daily — and that's when a magnetic charging stand like Twelve South's HiRise might come in handy. It's a beautiful little piece of design, too.

The $69 HiRise stand — now out in Australia in silver or black through stores like Myer and MacAddict — is, like a lot of Twelve South's other gear, a smartly designed piece of metal and plastic — it uses the magnetic capabilities of Apple's own charging adapter, with some intelligent cable routing and a circular rubber-padded cutout for the adapter to press into from the rear. There's a hidden cable tray accessible by removing a plastic piece at the base of the HiRise, so the Apple Watch cable remains hidden.

Behind the slightly tilted aluminium display stand, there's a soft leatherette landing pad, so you're not going to accidentally scratch either your watch or the stand. You can easily clip a Watch into the HiRise stand — that magnetic charging adapter is the real magic here — whether its wristband is clasped or unclasped. It makes for a particularly attractive display stand, and if it's on your bedside, a convenient (albeit pricy) alarm clock. [Twelve South / Apple]

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