Turn Refugees Into Humans With The 'Rehumanise' Extension For Google Chrome

Chrome extensions can change your life. You can Stop Tony Meow. You can actually enjoy cloud computing. Now, you can stop governments and commentators dehumanising and delegitimising the plight of asylum seekers.

We get a lot of anti-refugee sentiment in Australia. As well as outright disgust, distaste and political posturing, it manifests itself in the language used by politicians and the media to discuss the topic. We hear about "illegals" a lot, for example. A new Chrome extension from Agency, a creative studio partially based in Sydney, aims to change the discussion. It's called Rehumanize, and you can get it on the Chrome Web Store.

Rehumanise is very simple; it replaces the phrases "boat people", "illegals" and "queue jumpers" with the word "humans". That's all it does. But, Agency thinks, it'll change the way that you read about asylum seekers and refugees online. [Chrome Web Store]

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