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Just How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery?

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"Just How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery? All surgeries carry risk, and the risks associated with laser in-situ keratomileusis, or LASIK, are listed on the standard consent form that all patients must sign. For many, the rapid procedure goes off without a hitch and leaves no residual effects. But a quarter of a century after the first ‘flap and zap’ vision-correcting surgery, controversy continues to rage over whether regulatory authorities and industry officials have repeatedly downplayed or ignored the prevalence of dry eye disease, chronic pain and other potentially serious side-effects.

A New Light-Based Memory Chip Could Change The Fundamentals Of Computing Electrons are quick, but they’re not quick enough — in fact they’re holding back the speed of modern computing. Now, a team has developed the world’s first ever light-based memory chip that can store data permanently, and it could help usher in a new era of computing

What It's Like Inside a $500M Boeing 747-8 VIP Jet Have you ever felt that flying is not nearly luxurious enough, even in first class? Maybe you would rather have the entire plane to yourself — and while you’re at it, you should probably make sure that the plane doesn’t actually feel like a plane, but like a luxury hotel instead.

Telstra's Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III: Hands On With The World's First 600Mbps Mobile Hotspot Telstra is Australia’s largest telco, and that means it can spend a bit of cash on keeping its 4GX mobile network world-class and super-fast. Alongside switching on Voice Over LTE, the new Wi-Fi mobile hotspot that Telstra calls the Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III is capable of 600Mbps download speeds — theoretically.

Synology's New Router Has A PC-Esque Operating System Synology is a name that you’d usually associate with network attached storage (NAS) boxes — y’know, the big black hard drive enclosures that you hook up to your router or modem to store your movies, music and photos. Synology does NAS very well — it’s certainly one of our favourite brands — but it’s also extending its reach into another networking device.

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