This Batshit Crazy Company Wants To Build Mobile Private Islands

This Batshit Crazy Company Wants To Build Mobile Private Islands

Yachts are for chumps. People who really know how to spend their money get submersible yachts from Migaloo, a mysterious company that offers five different models of underwater palaces. But true evil villains just go for the Migaloo’s crown jewel: Kokomo Ailand.

Kokomo Aisland is a mobile private island that floats on two semi-submersible platforms. Just shy of 117 metres long, this massive habitat is a floating fun zone — especially when it’s in international waters.

The specific design is totally customisable, but Migaloo offers some pretty ludicrous amenities. Here’s a list from the Austrian company’s website that makes Kokomo Ailand sound like a personal cruise ship:

– Private owners penthouse 80 M above sea level

– jungle deck with palm trees and vertical gardens

– beach deck with entertainment pool & barbecue area

– garden deck with al-fresco outdoor dining

– spa deck with spa and beauty saloons

– large pool areas and waterfalls

– 2 beach clubs including beach gym

But then the place starts to sound like a Bond movie:

– underwater dining saloon, shark-feeding station

– outdoor cinema

– heli deck

– massive storage for tender & toys

You can interpret the phrase “massive storage for tender & toys” however you’d like. We can only imagine it’s a vault full of gold coins and platinum-plated vibrators.

But inevitably, Kokomo Ailand is a place for relaxation, a way to get away from it all (think: extradition laws), talk to exotic tropical birds, and enjoy fruit-flavored cocktails on the water.

Don’t forget, the glory of owning your own mobile island is the idea that you can flee to a new paradise anytime you want.

Moby Dick sightings are not guaranteed, but they are encouraged!

Does all this seem ridiculous to be true? It probably is. The company lists Kokomo Island for sale — along with a fleet of five submersible yachts — on its spare website, though there are plenty of pretty renderings of what such a rich boy toy would look like. However, Migaloo hasn’t actually sold any mobile private islands.

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