'The Painter Of Jalouzi', A Short Film Produced With The iPhone 6s' 4K Camera

Is the high resolution camera on the latest model of iPhone the be all, end all of mobile shooters? The only way to know is to see the results for yourself and you can do that, right now, by watching this documentary, filmed using several iPhone 6s devices.

Created by RYOT, a production company that was fortunate enough to get a few handsets from Apple before release, used the gadgets to film "The Painter of Jalouzi", a brief doco that follows a Haiti native who is "determined to bring colour to the impoverished area by helping paint the entire town, literally".

The film does cheat a bit — they used high-end lenses attached to the phones to spruik things up — otherwise, it's all iPhone.

If you're keen for a behind-the-scenes look, there's a video of that below.

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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