Porsche Mission E: The Tesla-Killing Sports Car Of The Future?

The Tesla Model S is the electric car to beat right now. It smashes its competition in terms of battery range, speed and comfort. Porsche thinks it's high time the Tesla was knocked off its pedestal, and it might have the hammer with which to do it. Albeit an incredibly stylish, fast and futuristic hammer in the new Mission E concept.

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Porsche Mission E is a (very) toned-down, hardtop, all-electric version of the car company's 919 Spyder, which features a dual-electric motor system cranking out up to 600 horsepower.

It has a reported range of around 500km, but it's unlikely we'll ever see it cruising around the streets.

The Porsche futurecar is only a concept, and even if it gets built we won't see it cruising about until at least 2019. Boo.

Still, it's mighty pretty to look at between now and then.

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