Live Stream Intel's IFA 2015 Press Conference Right Here

Keen to watch Intel announce the latest in laptop, ultrabook, all-in-one and wearable processors? The chip-maker is about to get up at IFA 2015 and show us the future. Get in here and watch the live stream with us.

The press conference kicks off on 2 September at 5pm AEST.

The stream is embedded below!

What To Expect

Intel has just lifted the curtain on its latest Skylake processors, while also flagging an update to its Compute Stick that will take it from drab to fab. Expect to hear a bit about those, but also who is coming on board with new machines and reference designs that we'll get in the first half of next year.

Intel also love to talk about the Internet Of Things, so expect to see some cool new gadgets and concepts from what is fast becoming the world's wearable tech show.

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