Watch Keynotes From The Second Annual Oculus VR Conference Tonight

Love your virtual reality? Can you pick your Gear VRs from your Rift DK2s? Then you'll want to tune into Oculus Connect 2, the second year of the world's biggest VR conference. There are talks on 360-degree video, VR sound and music, and new hardware — perhaps another peek at the first official Oculus headset for the everyman.

The event itself runs for a couple of days, and is currently already underway, but really kicks off with speeches from former Valve employee and VR scientist Michael Abrash, Oculus cofounder Brendan Iribe and Oculus CTO John Carmack. You'll be able to stream the keynotes live through Oculus' Twitch channel, and we'll embed the keynote speech livestream when it becomes available.

If you want to tune in, check back in here at 3AM Sydney time on Friday the 25th — that's when Iribe, Abrash and Carmack will speak from the Dolby Theatre. We're expecting some pretty cool stuff to be on show; as well as new demos of start-of-the-art VR, we'll likely see new software, and maybe new hardware or accessory gadgets. Think of it like an Apple announcement extravaganza, but for stuff that sits on your face and shows you the future.

And, of course, being a VR company, Oculus is making the conference available via virtual reality for those that can't be there in person. If you have a Samsung Gear VR, then you'll be able to watch via the NextVR app — an update is coming soon, so keep checking in. Here's last year's keynote speech from Oculus CTO, VR heavyweight and cofounder of id Software John Carmack:

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