Check Out This Amazing Virtual Enterprise-D Built For The Oculus Rift

Check Out This Amazing Virtual Enterprise-D Built For The Oculus Rift

The sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise-D were torn down long ago (in addition to the ship itself being expertly stacked by Commander Deanna Troi). The closest any of us will come to walking its brightly lit, hallowed halls is via virtual reality. Fortunately for us, an artist by the name of Jason B. has set himself the task of crafting a 3D replica, one ready for exploring via the Oculus Rift.

As you can see in the video above demoing his work so far, no detail has been spared. From the glorious entrance on a shuttlecraft, to the model Enterprises in the observation lounge, it’s a very faithful duplicate.

According to Jason, he wants his version to be completely explorable; to serve as a “virtual museum”. It’s currently being built in Unreal Engine 4, which going by the visuals here, certainty has the graphical chops.

The only issue — other than Jason having enough time and willpower to finish it — is how license owner CBS feels about the endeavour:

There is also the matter of licensing. I will seek CBS’ blessing to continue to create this. But to release it as a product, licensing will have to be procured. More people hired, a serious road map put into place. Games aren’t cheap. But, for now, the project exists to build a truly immersive Enterprise experience. If there is interest, I will take it all the way.

Fingers crossed CBS doesn’t shut it down.

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