Apple's New iCloud Pricing For Australia Gives You More Cloud Bang For Your Buck

Apple announced at its 2015 iPhone launch event that iCloud users would be getting more for less: more storage, less money per month. Now we have those prices for the Australian market, and it's pretty rad.

The new iCloud pricing specifically for Australia sees Apple giving you 50GB of storage for $1.49 per month, 200GB for $4.49 per month and a whopping 1TB for $14.99 per month.

Previously, Apple sold 200GB for $US3.99 per month, 500GB for $US9.99 per month and 1TB for $US19.99 per month. The new plans adjust the pricing tiers slightly, and give you more cloud bang for your buck.

Apple will still give everyone 5GB of storage for free. [Apple]

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