All The News You Missed Overnight: IFA Gadget Extravaganza Edition!

All The News You Missed Overnight: IFA Gadget Extravaganza Edition!

While you were sleeping, the world’s gadget giants unveiled new phones, wearables, laptops, tablets and more! Get in here and see it all in the one place.

The IFA tech fair is happening in Berlin right now, and it’s an awesome look at what’s coming to our shelves over the next six months. Let’s get started with all the big ones overnight.

Lenovo cloned the Surface Pro 3. No, seriously: it’s almost exactly the same, and it’s sweet.

It’s got a gorgeous, Surface-esque 12-inch, 2160 x 1440 touchscreen with a remarkable 3:2 aspect ratio which is more totable and lets you see more of your favourite webpages than your standard 16:9 tablets and laptops. There’s also the magnetic keyboard (like the Surface), and you also get up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of solid state storage, which will no doubt cost you a good bit more cash than the base $US700 price tag to max out. But — and this is key — it comes with the keyboard folio dock, unlike the Surface Pro. That’s how it’s done, Microsoft.

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Sony made big news overnight here at the IFA tech show in Berlin. Its new 5.2-inch (1080p) Xperia Z5 and 4.6-inch (720p) Z5 Compact smartphones replace Z3 devices as the flagship, but that’s to be expected. What wasn’t expected was the announcement of the world’s first 4K screen smartphone, Sony’s new 5.5-inch Xperia Z5 Premium. Its 5.5-inch (3840×2160; 806-ppi) display packs double the pixel density of the iPhone 6 Plus (401-ppi).

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Huawei’s gold Android Wear smartwatch is very real, and it’s fancy as f**k. Ranging from $US350 to $US800, Huawei wants to be the more high-end option for Android Wear, and these watches do look the part.

Compared to the 10.5mm Pebble Steel, the 9.7mm LG G Watch R, or the really thin 7.9mm ASUS ZenWatch, the 11.3mm Huawei Watch is chunky, and you’ll feel it since on a smartwatch a difference of millimetres actually matters. But at least it doesn’t fall victim to the Moto 360’s “flat tire” screen design. You get a full circle here.

As for the rest of the specs, it pretty much falls inline with everything else out there — Snapdragon 400 processor, 300mAh battery, 286 pixel-per-inch AMOLED display (behind fancy scratch-resistant sapphire glass), and of course, running Android Wear 1.3. It will also be available for all you iPhone users per Android Wear’s latest announcement. As for battery, the notorious pain point for most wearables, Huawei is saying the Watch will last up to 2 days, which is spectacularly vague. It does say that the Watch has a quick charge capability so you can go from zero to 80 per cent battery life in just 45 minutes.

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It’s not just Lenovo getting in on the 12-inch screen market: Toshiba has a bonkers 12.5-inch 4K convertible coming that’s set to blow your mind.

The Satellite Radius 12 is being announced at the IFA trade show in Germany today, and while Toshiba is keeping some important details under wraps, we do know about one thing: that screen. It’s a 12.5″ touchscreen IPS display, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, and certification from Technicolor for movie-studio accuracy.

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Stay tuned to Gizmodo Australia over the next few days for more amazing announcements from IFA 2015.