Add Celestial Lighting To Your Home With These Beautiful Moon Lamps

If levitating disc lamps aren't your bag, how about a giant, luminescent moon-shaped one instead? It can go pretty much anywhere — hanging from your roof, off the edge of a hill or even down a manhole. It's just that versatile. It also illuminates stuff while looking rather sweet.

The lamps, part of an already-funded Indiegogo campaign, are built from fibreglass and latex. Instead of going for the one size, the Luna caters for all tastes, with seven models available of varying circumferences.

The tiniest comes in at 8.13cm, while the largest is a mighty 59.94cm. The prices between sizes differ, of course, with the former coming in at $US75 (minus shipping) and the latter a staggering $US875.

So yes, not cheap. That said, if you've already invested in other solar system-styled lighting paraphernalia and are in desperate need of a spherical, crater-scarred accompaniment to complete your vision, here's your opportunity.

[Indiegogo, via Geekologie]

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